Azmith Fox
Vital Statistics
Primary Element Ice
Secondary Element/Skill Darkness
Weapon War Axe
Race Ice Giant
Aliases Az, Elder Fox, Frosty
Position Ice Elder
Realm Archknight

Azmith Eisen Fox is one of the Four Elders of Raz, and commands Ice and Darkness.


Abandoned at birth, any record of Azmith's life before becoming a ward of the Calin Empire, and subsequently the adopted brother of Kaneda and Toshio  are either sealed or nonexistent.  Even much after, due to the destruction of the Old Empire, is unknown but to those who were around then.

Character DescriptionEdit

Azmith, due to his race, sports blue hair and black, frostbitten-looking skin along with White markings as if natural decoration.  His eyes are pure white.

Azmith is twice the size of a normal man, and twice as strong.  He employs a set of blue gauntlets, presumably to restrict his full power keeping his bersker side under chain.

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