Clan Draconis is a band of pacifists, containing those who wish only to aid in battle.  

Clan Draconis
Clan Data
Sigil Dragon
Motto Compassion to mend, Knowledge to defend. Will to constrict
Founder Melani Draconis


Clan Draconis was founded by Melani Draconis after the fall of Old Calin, in an attempt to find peaceful spirits after years of bloodshed. 


The Draconis Clan produces Charmcaster Bard Class types, including:

  • Nightwhisper Balladeer (specializes in subterfuge, ex: Calming)
  • Chorushowler Minstrel (specializes in Buffs, ex: Courage)
  • Godspeaker Laureates (specializes in mass healing)
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