The Fox Clan boasts the hardiest soldiers in Raz, supporting Soturi with specialized armored troops as well as supplying a battle training ground for all Classes.

Clan Fox
Clan Data
Sigil Direfox
Motto Unknown
Founder Azmith Eisen Fox


The Fox Clan was formed after Azmith Eisen Fox found lands suitable for his domain, setting his plans in place he builds his clan and massive army known for its feirce fighters and demonic image.


The Fox Clan produces many Armored classes, including:

  • Mercs
  • Berserkers
  • Heavy Archers
  • Beastmasters

In addition, the Fox Clan provides many service trades, including

  • Carpenters
  • Cold-forge Blacksmiths
  • Recruit Trainers

And the Proud rankings of the Clans Army would be the elites.

  • Lost Paladins
  • Valkyrie's 
  • Artilery 
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