The Futoxyn Clan is a family based on the love and cultivation of nature, producing the bulk of crops for Raz, as well as handling much of its healing needs.

Clan Futoxyn
Clan Data
Sigil Stag
Motto Unknown
Founder Toshio Futoxyn


The Futoxyn Clan was founded by Toshio and Mizuki Futoxyn originally as a means of self-support by living off the land after the fall of the Old Calin Empire.  It has since grown into a thriving family, taking over much of the green, fertile portion of Raz.


The Futoxyn Clan produces many powerful Cleric and Sustenance classes, including:

  • Druid
  • Physician
  • Field Medic (Cooperation with Clan Soturi)
  • Farmer
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