An inscription reads: 

Heart of Orion
Found Kokori Temple (old Soturi training ground)
Attributes Stone Heart-roughly 400,000 years old
Useable By Soturi
Conferred Ability Shadow Arts
Use Elemental activation

"Blood of my blood,

Take my heart unto yours

and know your blood's power.

The shadow of the flame will light the way,

Its servants yours, to aid you in your quest."

The inscription terminates in the seal of the Old Calin Empire.  A note was found upon further inspection of the hiding place which reads only "Kaneda"

Kaneda Soturi activated it with a small curl of flame, conferring upon her the power of Shadow, but not before minorly infecting Tyvrael, a visiting traveler.  

It is said that there are four pieces of the Heart, each imbued with a different elemental propert.

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