Istas Arendyl is one of the Four Elders of Raz, and commands Water.

Istas Arendyl
Vital Statistics
Primary Element Water
Secondary Element/Skill Unknown
Weapon Twin Axes
Race ?Water Nymph?
Aliases Elder Arendyl
Position Water Elder
Realm {{{seventh Unknown}}}

Origin[edit | edit source]

Yet to Come

Character Description[edit | edit source]

Istas stands short, at about 5'3, and weighs very little as well. Due to her race, her long slick hair bears the color of the sea, as well as her eyes. She has lightly tanned skin, which can change depending on the sun levels. If it's very hot out, her skin will automatically darken to keep her safe from burning. At most times one can see tribal markings etched into her skin, though they are not always apparent. She normally sports her Elder uniform, though it is not unlikely for her to wear other things as well. 


Istas comes off as sweet, with a gentle, soothing tone, and a soft smile almost always playing on her lips. However, this is normally a poker face. Though she comes off as nice, stranger or no, most of the time she is constantly studying people. Weighing in her head whether or not they could be a dangerous, or if she could trust them. Being of her past of a so thought friend being a foe, she developed this as a sort of defense mechinism. Very few can read past her and tell that most of her smiles are lies, and she prefers it that way. To gain her trust takes a lot, and though she does trust few, she would harbor no ill will towards anyone unless they give her reason to. 

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