Take an eye for an eye, and soon the world will be blind.

-Lord Commander Lysander Soturi

Lysander Soturi is the twin brother of Kaneda Soturi, though his powers are less apparent--quite likely being hidden for good reason. He is Lord Commander of the Dark Watch, the protectors of Raz, as well as Lord of the Dark Lands.

Lysander Soturi
Vital Statistics
Affinity Fire
Skillset Unobserved
Weapon Two-Handed Blade
Race Nephilim
Position Ruler of the Dark Lands, Lord Commander of the Dark Watch
Realm Corrupted


Lysander Soturi (alongside Kaneda Soturi) was born to Apollo Cappadocia, mother stricken from records.  His home Realm, the Old Empire of Calin, was destroyed, so very few actual records of Lysander's life exist. Those who know him speak only of his adult life; the only one who knows him completely is his sister.

Character Description

Lysander is a very quiet man, sporting a perpetual scowl.  He rarely smiles, and when he does it should be taken as a sign to run very, very far away.  He employs a mechanical right arm, the original having been bitten and infected during one of his many sojourns outside of Raz.  This mech is designed to be malleable to a point, and reshape itself to whatever blunt tool is needed.

Lysander displays a tribal tattoo on the right side of his face, possibly a mark of a foreign warrior tribe.  His eyes, as well, suggest an alien style of fighting.

Weapon Description

Lysander's oversized blade, "Bi'akoutei", is a large black sword, with the same red markings as his arm.  Whether the blade is an extension of his arm's malleability property is unconfirmed.


The blade is capable of standard sword maneuvers, as well as sending out shockwaves of sheer force.  There are rumors of a "second form", but these are as yet unconfirmed.

Special Skills

As he is very secretive, Lysander chooses to keep his true abilities from the public eye.

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