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Melani Draconis
Vital Statistics
Primary Element Wind
Secondary Element/Skill Unknown
Weapon Dual Blades
Race Elf
Aliases Wind Elder
Position Shaman
Realm {{{seventh Unknown}}}

Inception of an Ideal

Melani Draconis is the eldest member of the Draconis family, who controls the wind. Born from the first voices of song, she is sometime seen as a muse of sorts for all who need inspiration of song. She is never really honored with being credited for works, not that she minds she isn't. Rarely she gets into a fight, however when she does, she would rather use her illusory and charming songs to decieve and beguile her enemies. However if they do get close, they'll meet her blades "Hoku-kaze" (Star wind) and "Yoru-kaze" (Night wind). Many think Melani antisocial, which isn't too far off. Merely she travels the recesses of her mind for inspiration. 

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