Please read these before entering

1.  Elders and their respective Clan members are the only ones with an innate mastery of the four Elements (Ice, Fire, Earh, Air). Anyone else using these, excepting magic users (using ritual or incantation style), will be voided.  "Avatar" types (users of all 4 elements) are GM and not allowed.

2.  Only use as many words per post as you need to realistically do something--preferably 1-5 lines, long posts for intimidation will be voided.

3.  All zones are active in our rooms.  This means that any adverse action (killing, unprovoked attacks, kidnapping etc.) are void and will result in a ban if repeated.

4.  Please respect our members; no touching unless asked or invited, if they are married respect that and do not try to flirt.

5.  No accounts younger than 2 months will be permitted.

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