The Dark Watch
Clan Data
Sigil Raven
Motto Unknown
Founder Haeres of Malthus
The Dark Watch, though not officially represented in the Circle of Elders, is Clan and Class of its own, taking on members from all of the Four Clans to uphold justice in Raz.


The Dark Watch was founded by Ser Haeres of Malthus several centuries before Old Calin fell, its duty to protect and serve the citizenry and enforce the law of the Empire.  When Calin fell, Lysander Soturi, already a Watchman, brought the principles and duties of the Watch to Raz.


The Dark Watch are sworn to uphold and enforce the Imperial Charter.  Their subclasses are Enforcers, such as:

  • Guards (may be of whatever Class they were when recruited)
  • Executioners
  • Magistrates
  • Inquisitors
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