Excuse me, who is this fucking idiot?

-Elder Toshio Futoxyn
Toshio Futoxyn
Vital Statistics
Primary Element Earth
Secondary Element/Skill Space
Weapon Kinetic Orbs
Race Fae
Aliases Pistoshio, Elder Futoxyn, Mossy, Tosh
Position Nature Elder
Realm Sage
Spouse Bonbori Futoxyn

Toshio Futoxyn is one of the Four Elders of Raz, and commands Earth and Space.


Toshio, along with his sister Mizuki, were raised with Kaneda and Lysander Soturi, though as they were never acknowledged as blood under the law, took a different name.  Much of Toshio's past up to his co-gounding of Imperius Raz was destroyed with the Old Calin Empire, including any records of his and his sister's biological parents.

Character Description

Toshio, due to the oddities of his race, sports bright green hair, with green eyes partially obscured by tinted glasses.  In addition, his eyebrows are broken just to the side of middle, a result of a childhood fight with Kaneda Soturi

He employs a set of bronze armguards, as well as a shoulderplate on his right shoulder for defensive reasons.  His coat, as well, is specialized to withstand the pressure inside the Earth's crust.

Weapon Description

Toshio's weapon is unique in that it doesn't depend on sharpness and speed, but size and cunning.  The Kinetic Orbs can be summoned at any size, used like bullets at a small size or boulders at a significantly larger one.


Elemental Control

Toshio is a master of Earth, being able to mold it as necessary, using the Earth's crust and seismic activity as offensive weapons.  Observed abilities include a "quake step", in which he creates a seismic wave with contact with the ground, and a rock wall used to stop projectiles.

He has also, through much time and study, become adept at altering the perception of distance, sometimes able to "lock" distances between objects as a defensive maneuver.  He also has the ability to teleport between known areas.

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