Sometimes to defeat an enemy, all you need is time and distance.

-Wyn Soturi
Wyn Soturi
Vital Statistics
Affinity Fire
Skillset Ranged
Weapon Crossbow/Bow and Arrow
Race Wood Elf
Position Archer, Imperial Army
Realm Pyralis

Origin Edit

Wyn joined the Soturi clan to give his expertise in Archery to Lysander Soturi and Kaneda Soturi after hearing about their shortage of archers. However Wyn has yet to reveal anything of his past to anyone, and might do so in the future. the reason he decided to keep quiet was the fact that secretly, he is Kaneda's grandson, and the son of Zaria Soturi, Kaneda's daughter.

Character Description Edit

Wyn has long blonde hair and light blue elven eyes. His ears also distinguish the ethnicity of his race. He's dressed himself in common light armor clothing for archers that has been brandished red for the Soturi. Most commonly seen also in Wood Elf attire or wearing scarfs due to having a fascination with the cloths.

His Personality is a bit straight forward, and really he's not lazy at all, if someone asks him to do something he will get it done in the time he's allowed to get it done. Wyn is a little gullible and dim-witted, and when he tries to crack jokes they really aren't very funny. however despite his occupational hazards being a ranged assassin and warrior, he's very quite nice to anyone who approaches him in conversation. He loves to talk very much, and on most days if he isn't stuffing his face in a book from the library, can be found at the shooting range for a bit of practice. Wyn's had a bow and arrow in his hands since his days in the womb, figure of speech.

Weapon Description Edit

Wyn carries a sack of cross bow arrows and a quill of common arrows on his back. these he makes himself, a good old fashioned Wood elf blacksmithing technique. he's made his own bow as well, using the wood from the trees of his home forest. the crossbow he carries however is common and not custom, he must buy one of those whenever one breaks or malfunctions.

Special Skills Edit

Being a wood elf Wyn knows how to use a good variety of earth magic, however his greatest asset is the ability to catch his arrows on fire with a fire magic ability called "spark" and it is the only Fire magic ability this wood elf has. Wyn knows how to repair Common bows, restring them, and craft new ones. he also knows how to create an assortment if different fine tipped Arrows, and uses special poisonous concoctions on some when needed. Being a wood elf Wyn knows just how to survive in the wild for very long periods of time.

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